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Guide To a Clan

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Publicado el 30 November 2011 - 08:22 AM

Welcome to the Clan guide!!

As I certainly am aware of, half of the users who register in a clan don't even know what they're doing. This is what the guide is for.

A clan is an organised group of players that regularly play together in UnovaRPG. These clans range from groups of a few friends to 1000-person organizations, with a broad range of structures, goals and members. The lifespan of a clan also varies considerably, from a few weeks or months to over a decade. Clans can do various things, it depends on what the clan leader wants to do. Sometimes it's just a chat; sometimes it's more formal.

Why do Users Join Clans?

Joining a clan places the person within a social network which provides access to resources, knowledge, and help needed to accomplish many game related goals. In addition, banding together with like-minded players seems to fulfill a human desire for social interaction. Taken together, these two factors can vastly enhance the gameplay experience of many players.

What do Clans do?

This is just to list a few:

- Chatting. Often, clans have a chat made especially for them. They can just talk about general things as well as helping each other with UnovaRPG.
- Make a forum. Sometimes there are forums in a clan for missions, trading for people in the clan only, things like that.
- Missions. Depending on the clan, sometimes there are missions. The clan leader makes a mission, in which a player must have a certain amount of Pokemon, money, etc, to obtain rare items in-game.
- Provide Help. This is a goal for many clans to help their players be better at UnovaRPG.
- Battle in-clan. This can be just for fun, or it can generate prizes. Only people in the clan battle.
- Battle with other clans. Often Clan leaders want to show their clan is the best, therefore they organise a battle with another clan to see which clan wins.

Clan Recognition

In the majority of clans, the clan leader has it's members put a tag on their public name to show they are part of that clan. This is for the purpose of showing off the clan and recruiting more members in the clan. In some clans, the leader may fine a member who has failed to do any of this.
Also, most clans have an 'Official Room'. This is a very large room in UnovaRPG made by the Clan leader. Usually, this room has all available Pokemon that can be put in rooms, but that varies.

Fake Clans

Fake Clans are clans that are just randomly organised by anyone in UnovaRPG, from a newbie to the 1st trainer in the Trainer's Ranking. Although these clans might not be a rip-off, there is always a chance of this and you can never trust it's members. These clans are never official and use their public name and UnovaRPG's PM system to communicate. You should never join a fake clan.

The Difference Between Teams and Clans

Recently, a new feature was added to the game, "Teams". Anyone with the required criteria can make a team in UnovaRPG, and it'll be available for anyone to join. This is much easier than making a clan.
However, clans were made long before Teams came to UnovaRPG. As stated above, the official clans were made in thisforum and attracted members that read the forum, read their website/forums, etc. The recent Clan Super Destroyers was shut down because clans were made using hard work, determination and co-operation to get members. Teams are just something that require no skill, and this is the opinion of most of the experienced users here.

So How Can I Make My Clan Official?

You can make your clan official by making it here, on the forums. If you want to make your clan, post here but you have to read this first.

How Do I Join An Official Clan?

At the moment, there are no official English clans. The latest one got shut down because of the Teams feature. This will be updated when a new clan is set up!

I hope that after reading this, you have a better understanding of a clan. If you have any questions, PM me here on the forums and I'll be happy to answer your question!

Enjoy UnovaRPG!

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