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Do you want to create an Indigo Clan?

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Publicado el 28 September 2010 - 12:28 PM

The rules are updated now...

Hello guys :wacko:... the Poke & Play Staff announces the general rules for create a clan in this forum:

1 .- All Clan must be approved by a Global Moderator, Grupal (Group) Moderator, Local Monitor, or UnovaRPG Mod. Permissions must be requested by PM. (Private Message -_-). You must have 45 posts and one month in the forum to request authorization.

The unauthorized clans will be closed without notice to members.

2 .- The clans must follow the golden rules of this forum:

- No Spam
- No Flood
- No Topic Chat (PM please )
- No double post and accounts :P

- Clans that have too much spam and chat-style conversations will be closed and users responsible will be punished.

3 .- All clans have a trial period of 1 week. At the end of this time, the clan must have at least 5 members registered or it will be closed...

4 .- The rules for joining a clan:

- You can write a message to request to join the clan (use the ADD REPLY button)

- If you get a bad answer you can try in another clan, but don't allow two requests at the same time.

- A user can't be accepted in two clans at the same time, only one...

- If you want to change your clan, first you must announce in your current clan (with a message :decepcion:)

5 .- Only the clan members can post messages inside the topic clan. Users who want to join the clan can also write replies.

- Non-members will be punished with warn increases

6 .- Clans without activity will also be closed without notice.

7 .- Also this is prohibited in the forum:

- Pokémon trades inside the topic clan because there is already an assigned post in the Pokémon Indigo Forum.

- Clan Promotions outside of this forum area.

8 .- The users who break these rules will be punished with warn increases and bans on your account inside the forum.

9 .- One last thing: The selection of a clan must be do for yourself, remember that!

Any questions or suggestions, please send a PM to any moderator of the forum.

That's all for now... thanks for reading :wacko:

Enjoy playing UnovaRPG!

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