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Pokemon Indigo's Guide & FAQ

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Publicado el 27 March 2009 - 02:12 PM

Hi! This is a translation of the topic Guia de Pokemon Indigo from Xin. You have to read this topic to resolve your questions about the game, before creating a new topic. If you don't find here the answer of your question, you have to search it in all the Pokemon Indigo English Forum. Well, here you are the information:


This is a detailed guide about how to play Pokemon Indigo, for example the registration or the changes.


1. Register.
2. Beginning the session.
3. Pokémon Indigo's parts.
3.1. My profile.
3.2. Maps.
3.3. Shop, Center, & More.
3.3.1. Shop.
3.3.2. Pokémon Center.
3.3.3. Indigo Bank.
3.3.4. Ranking.
3.3.5. Exchange Center.
3.3.6. Adoption Center.
3.3.7. Pokemon Locator.
3.4. Rooms.
3.5. Log out.
4. How to move across the maps.
5. Fight and/or caught a Pokémon.
6. Get IC (Indigo Coins).
7. How to envolve your Pokémon.
7.1. By rising the level.
7.2. By change.
7.3. By envolving stones.
8. How to add a friend.
9. Clans.

1. Register: If you haven't registered in Pokemon Indigo's game or you have a difficulty for it, this topic is useful for you.

If you want to register, you have to click this link: and choose the language of the game. You have to go at the right of the web page, when there are two flags (for Spanish, you have to choose the Argentina's flag and for English you have to choose the USA's flag)

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Then, just click on "Register for free", and you'll be in this page:

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Refill all the fields and click on "Create my account!", and you are now registered.

2. Beginning the session: Now you have to enter in your account. Go to and click on Logging in here. You can see this page:

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Refill the fields now with your username and your password, and if you want to enter automatically, click on Remember me. Then, click on Login.

3. Pokemon Indigo's parts:

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When you check your account, you can see the last image, at your profile. You have to click on "Shop, Center & More".

3.1. My profile: This is the zone where you can see your personal information, Pokémon team, badges, items and personal messages.

3.2. Maps: These are the places when you can advance in the game. You can fight against Pokémon's and Gym's Leaders. Pokémon Indigo has 4 maps' sectors:

-Indigo world: There are 9 maps in this zone. If you are a new player, you should check this zone, because there are weak Pokémon's, and you can caught them easily.

-Gym leaders: There are 8 maps in this zone, where the gym leaders you have to beat are (to fight against the leaders you have to click at the leader's sprite, placed out of the gym).

-Elite 4: There are 5 maps in this zone, where there are the Elite 4 members. If you want to fight against them, you have to win all the previous Gym leaders.

-Kanto leaders: There are 8 maps in this zone, where there are gym leaders too. It's very difficult to win them. If you are a advanced trainer, you should check this zone.

3.3. Shop, Center & More: Here, you can find all which your Pokémon need.

3.3.1. Shop: This is the first place which you should visit. You can buy here Pokéballs, TM's, envolving stones, potions, etc.

3.3.2. Pokemon Center: Here, your Pokémon recover all their HP, if they lost them in battle.

3.3.3. Indigo Bank: This is an Indigo world's bank, where you can transfer your IC to other users. It's a bit expensive, because the bank charges 15% of the transfer.

3.3.4. Ranking: In this section, you can see the ranking of best 15 trainers of Pokémon Indigo.

3.3.5. Exchange Center: This is the place where the trainers change their Pokémon (if you want to use this option, you need get 100000 exp, and you have to go to My Zone, View all my Pokémon / Setup my Battle Team, and you can view your Pokémon. If you click on a Pokémon, you can view some information of him, and the last option is Put in the Exchange Center. Choose this option and the Pokémon which you has chosen is in the Exchange Center).

Now, you have to change a Pokémon which is in the Exchange Center. You have to find a Pokémon that you want, and click on it for the change. Clic on Agree, and you have finished the change.

3.3.6. Adoption Center: Here you can find all the pokemon which you view in the maps. You can buy the Pokémon, with the prize of 35000 IC. All Pokémon have level 15.

3.3.7. Pokemon Locator: Great tool, in which you must select a pokemon (of the list that appears), and the pager hara the work of indicating yourself in that map or this room said poke.

3.4. Rooms: These are the places when you can create your own map and deposit some Pokémon there, with the level that you want. But this operation isn't free, all Pokémon have a price, and this price is more expensive if the Pokémon's level is more raised. You can deposit in the rooms all the Pokémon which you find in the maps (we can't add the legendary Pokémon, excepting Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Latios, Celebi and Raikou. Neither, we can't add Pokémon like Leafeon or Motim). The Pokémon that we can add are in their first evolution.

3.5. Log out: If you click on this button, you close your session in Pokémon Indigo.

4. How to move across the maps: First, you have to enter to a map, and you can view that there are lots of Sprites around yours; they are the other users who there are in the map. If you want to move your Sprite, click on the circle placed left-down the map. This circle is divided by 4 parts or arrows. You have to click on one of the 4 arrows to move your Sprite across the map.

5. Fight and/or caught a Pokémon: You have to go to a map, and move across it by the 4 arrows, until a Pokémon appears. Clic on the button Fight, and you are starting a battle with the Pokémon. If you want defeat the Pokémon to get Exp, attack him until the Pokémon have 0 HP. If you want caught the Pokémon, reduce his HP more that you could. When the Pokémon have little HP, throw him a PokéBall (you have to click on item, in the square in the center's battle, and choose the PokéBall). You can caught the Pokémon with Balls objects.

6. Get IC (Indigo Coins): To get IC, you have to fight with savage Pokémon or Gym leaders' Pokémon. When you defeat a Pokémon, you get IC, and you get more IC when the Pokémon's level is more raised. You can use the IC to buy items in the shop.

7. Evolve your Pokémon: To evolve your Pokémon, you should know his evolution's method (you should go to, find your Pokémon there, and down the Pokémon you can see the level or the stone needed). There are 3 evolve forms:

7.1. By raising the level: All Pokémon which use this method, evolve when they have the level needed. When your Pokémon have this level, you have to go to View all my Pokémon / Setup my Battle Team, and click on your Pokémon. In the information, look for Avialable evolve: YES! Click to evolve in (Pokémon's name). You have to click there and your Pokémon has evolved.

7.2. By change: If your Pokémon have the level needed but the Pokémon's information doesn't appeared, you have to put him in the Exchange Center (for example, you have to put Electabuzz and Magmar in the Exchange Center and they evolve).

7.3. By evolving stones: There are some Pokémon that don't evolve by level or change, like Eevee. This Pokémon has too many evolves, and it's difficult to know his evolve. You have to buy evolving stones, go to View all my Pokémon / Setup my Battle Team, choose the Pokémon which you are adding the stone. You can see Attached Item: none Attach. Click on Attach, and choose the stone.

8. How to add a friend: You can add a friend writing his/her name on the table at the left, at your Friends list. Click on the button "Invite", and your friend have to agree the invitation.

9. Clans: These are groups of trainers where the advanced users help new users, and there are missions, ranges...

Active Clans list:

The Great Slash Clan
Final Legendaries Clan
"Legendary Elite" Clan!

10. Credits:

Guide & FAQ by Xin
English translation and images by dan!x~
Grammar correction by Kno~ and cfcbesto

Enjoy the guide! Bye!

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