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3xpired's wishlist center!

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Publicado el 15 February 2012 - 08:21 AM

Welcome to 3xpired's wishlist center!

Every Monday and Thursday I will pick a random comment from this thread and you will recieve the pokemon you asked for! (WITHIN REASON!)

First, let's clear up the rules. Please read these before posting.

  • Ask for Obtainable pokemon within a decent level. (E.g. Golden Victini level 100 will not be picked..)
  • Use the post-guide to apply for pokemon!
  • Do not apply more than once.
  • Don't be upset if you don't win, there's always next week!

Copy and paste the guide below to have maximum chance of winning! (Make sure you fill in all boxes!)

UnovaRPG Username:
Pokemon I wish for:
Status of Pokemon (Normal, Shiny or Golden):
Level of Pokemon:

Here is a list of the winners so far!


Please feel free to donate IC to my UnovaRPG account, it would help a lot, thanks. :)

Hall of Donators!

Good Luck!

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