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Publicado el 06 October 2014 - 07:24 PM

Alright, so I'm kinda in need of Indigo Coins right now. Therefore, I'm offering hunting services for you. I will hunt down any Pokemon you asked me to, within a week of accepting your request. If it's not done within a week, I'll send you half your money back. I will do all Pokemon, and I can do any type of Pokemon (shiny, mystic, gold, metallic, dark). Of course, there are varying prices.


Normal Pokemon lvl. 1 - 15: $20,000

Normal Pokemon lvl. 16 - 20: $40,000

Normal Pokemon lvl. 21 - 30: $45,000

Normal Pokemon lvl. 31 - 40: $50,000

Normal Pokemon lvl. 41 - 50: $55,000

After that, each level adds an additional $10,000 because I will have to train it for you. If you want a shiny, it's +$10,000. A Golden Pokemon is +$15,000. A Metallic Pokemon is +$25,000, and a Mystic Pokemon is +$30,000. A Dark Pokemon is +$35,000. If you want a Pokemon, post below with what Pokemon, what level bracket you want it to be between, and if you want it to be a special Pokemon or not. For example:

"May I have a Golden level 20 to 40 Caterpie please?"

"That will be from $55,000 to $65,000."

I will catch any Pokemon from the evolutionary line of the Pokemon you requested due to evolutions. I will try for the higher end of your bracket, but will go lower if I can't get one. I also accept Pokemon as payment, although you'll have to check with me first. Here's a list of Pokemon you can already buy (some of these have discounts!!!):

Mystic Arceus Level 20 ($70,000)

Mystic Malamar Level 61 ($80,000)

Mystic Goodra Level 61 ($80,000)

Golden Steelix Level 38 ($65,000)

Golden Dragonite Level 37 ($65,000)

Shiny Shelgon Level 34 ($60,000)

Shiny Absol Level 34 ($60,000)

Shiny Magmar Level 32 ($60,000)

Shiny Seaking Level 34 ($60,000)

Shiny Beartic Level 50 ($65,000)

Shiny Empoleon Level 38 ($60,000)


When ordering, as soon as I accept your order, you must send the money over to cappricious on UnovaRPG. You do not have to take into account about the automatic deduction, just send it as is. Also, I obviously cannot hunt down Event Pokemon such as Volcanion and Diancie for you, so don't ask! After you have ordered 5 times, you get a $10,000 deduction from all of your purchases. After 10 orders, you get another $10,000 deduction. After 15, 20, 25, etc. orders, etc.


Post below to order today!

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Publicado el 07 October 2014 - 03:48 PM

well, I'm gonna tell you something... YOU CAN NOT SELL POKEMONS, IT'S ILEGAL HERE! 

So, I gonna close this topic. 



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